Has been based in Kuwait since 2011 and has over 10 years’ experience in personal training.
With a BSc in Sport and Exercise from Loughbrough University he focuses on hypertrophy, nutrition, fat loss and strength.


Is a strength coach who will help you ensure your success tomorrow, whatever your goals are by creating a strong and stable training foundation today.


With a strong focus on body transformations Stan has a Bachelor of Physical Education and a strong background in trigenics and Poliquin styled training.
Stan is one of the most senior and experienced biosignature practitioners in Kuwait and is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to nutrition and supplementation.


Mitch is a young coach from Australia who in 5 years has amassed a lot of knowledge. Specializing in strength and conditioning and body composition transformations he has the ability to connect with many types of clients having gained experience practicing personal training in five different countries.


Offering dance and Barre classes for various ages and abilities.  Simone also offers personal training for fat loss and general fitness.


With a approach to functional fitness, Johan selects bodyweight training, boxing bag and pad work as well as kettlebells and traditional weight training to assist his clients in achieving their goals.


Is a strength coach who believes that strength should be the objective for everybody as it will help you reach your goals faster. To reach this objection it is fundamental to understand the difference between training and exercising. Get strong, get leaner, feel better.


Kazuo is a Stott Pilates trainer and licensed massage therapist from Japan. Kazuo’s sessions provide whole body workout based on proper Pilates techniques. Sessions focuses on strengthening abdominal muscles leading to improved stability and mobility of the spine. Pilates also targets muscles that we don’t normally use in our daily activities. Kazuo’s specializes in body weight exercises as well as shoatsu massage which helps reduce body tension and fatigue.


Coach Dean Is passionate about health & fitness & believes it's a way of life. Specialties include strength and conditioning, hypertrophy training, Fat loss and CrossFit coaching. Dean spent his life in the UK training Clients to unlock their true potential to become stronger, fitter & faster. He'll push you way past your limits and achieve things you never thought possible.


Want to improve your aerobic capacity, sculpt, strengthen and tone the body? Or do you want to be push beyond your mental and physical limit? Sessions with Ashleigh are definitely not going to disappoint. Challenge your body every session with a new exciting workout designed carefully for your needs.