Yousef Al Mahmeed

Yousif is a strength and conditioning coach who is from Kuwait.

He has a diverse back ground in the health and fitness industry and has many years experiencing from not only training himself but several groups.

He has also spent time training the fire brigade for competitions.

Yousif has a wide skill set and can create many variations on existing exercises based on his experience to make the training enjoyable.

Remus Corbei

Specializing in Strength and Conditioning, Mobility, Olympic Weightlifting, Gymnastics and Nutrition, Remus is a former World & European Champion in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
Remus assesses each client as an individual, believing that everyone is unique and has unique fitness needs, and so designs a personalized training program to help them achieve their personal fitness destination, all based on sound science.


With a background in rugby, swimming and gymnastics, and a passion for strength and conditioning. Dane has been coaching in the fitness industry for over 6 years. Over the last 2 years Dane has narrowed his focus onto Crossfit and the benefits it can bring to individuals aiming to achieve a wide range of goals, from fat loss and lean muscle gain, to increases in strength and endurance


Strength and conditioning coach, focusing on achieving a full range of motion (ROM) through mobility and flexibility exercises prior to developing strength. Ivana has a background in pilates, yoga and tai chi.


Offering dance and Barre classes for various ages and abilities.  Simone also offers personal training for fat loss and general fitness.


With a approach to functional fitness, Johan selects bodyweight training, boxing bag and pad work as well as kettlebells and traditional weight training to assist his clients in achieving their goals.


Giving you results is what keeps Karl going. He will give you progressive training and sustainable nutrition advice so that you look and feel great.


Milos has a Bachelor in Physcial Education. His passion is in small group training and one to one coaching. Milos has a vast experience in strength and conditioning training and incorporates a lot of modified strongman styled workouts into his personalized  strength training programs.


Simon has been involved professionally in the fitness industry for over 6 years. A former fire fighter in London UK and a qualified fire safety engineer, he has worked with a number of leading sports supplement brands, been a published fitness model, and more recently competed in Crossfit competitions both in England and Kuwait. In addition to this he has taken part in a number of bodybuilding and physique shows and has extensive knowledge in this specific area of training and nutrition. His focus in the last two years however has been more towards functional fitness in the form or Crossfit training and coaching. He believe that everyone is an athlete in the own right and with focus, hard work and dedication any goal can be achieved


Want to improve your aerobic capacity, sculpt, strengthen and tone the body? Or do you want to be push beyond your mental and physical limit? Sessions with Ashleigh are definitely not going to disappoint. Challenge your body every session with a new exciting workout designed carefully for your needs.


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Jason has a background rich in mixed martial arts. Having trained fighters to 13 titles and 2 pro world boxing titles. Jason has a vast wealth of knowledge and his many years of experience allows him to set realistic and achievable goals with his clients through a variety of styles. You will see Jason leading most of our MMA programs and also appearing in the Crossfit965 timetable.

Nemenja Pekec

Specialized in strength and conditioning, functional training, functional movement screening, Nemanja is a former volleyball player, track and field athlete with a military background. Nemanja approach each client as an individual, believing that everyone is unique and has different fitness needs. With methodology principles by Michael Boyle and Mark Verstegen, you can be sure that he will have specially designed training programs for you (team sports, track and field, cross fit, functional bodybuilding)


Hajar has been a CrossFit competitor for over 5 years. She has been competing in both local and international competitions and finishing mostly on or near the podium as an individual or as part of a team. She dedicates her life to CrossFit as a full time coach and a competitor. With all her experience, a CrossFit Level 1 certificate and more, Hajar has now been coaching for 2 years in different CrossFit boxes in Kuwait. Her goal as coach is to improve the fitness community especially educating females and improving their live through fitness.